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When can we apply? Show Hide answer

Entry packs for The People’s Millions were available
from Tuesday 11 March 2014, and 12 noon on Friday 16 May 2014.

How much money is available for The People’s Millions? Show Hide answer

A total of £3.8 million is available for The People’s Millions competition in 2014. Since it began in 2005, Big Lottery Fund has funded 599 projects through the programme, which have shared a total of £31.3 million.

How many awards will you make in this year’s competition? Show Hide answer

This year we intend to fund 76 projects of between £20,000 and £50,000 (including VAT). We expect to make four awards in each of the 19 ITV regional news areas.

How much funding could a project request? Show Hide answer

You can ask for between £20,000 and £50,000

What are the minimum and maximum project costs? Show Hide answer

The total cost of your project must be between £20,000 and £100,000 including any VAT that you cannot recover.

How do I enter? Show Hide answer

The deadline has passed and we not accepting any more applications.


Who can apply? Show Hide answer

We want to encourage applications from a wide range
of organisations that can submit community-based
projects. The following organisations are eligible:

  • voluntary and community groups

  • local authorities; schools; statutory health bodies

  • branches of eligible organisations or partnerships.

Voluntary and community organisations
Registered and unregistered charities, Co-operatives, Friendly societies, Industrial and provident societies, Social enterprises or companies that are not-for-profit businesses. Other not-for-profit groups that have a written governing document (for example, a constitution, set of rules or trust deed) and at least three unrelated people on their governing body. You must have a UK bank or building society account in the name of your organisation and produce annual accounts (or financial projections if you’ve been going less than a year).

Each school within a local education authority area can
enter in its own right. Projects run by schools must
benefit the wider community. You’ll need to tell us
your school’s reference number from the Department
for Education or Scottish Government.

Local authorities
England: any parish, town, borough, district, county, unitary, metropolitan or London borough council. Northern Ireland: any borough, district or city council.
Scotland: any local authority or community council.
Wales: any town, community, borough, county or city council.
Statutory health bodies
England: any Clinical Commissioning Group, NHS Trust or NHS Foundation Trust.
Northern Ireland: any Health and Social Care Trust.
Wales: any NHS Trust or Local Health Board.
Scotland: any NHS Board, Special Health Board or NHS Trust.
Can local authorities submit more than one bid to The People’s Millions?
No, we will only accept one application from a local authority. However in LEAs each school can submit a separate application to the competition.


How will I know which ITV News region I should nominate on the application form? Show Hide answer

Many households and locations may receive different signals depending on a number of local geographical factors. For this reason it is essential that you watch the early evening regional news in the area of the project and ensure you match the picture in the opening sequence to the pictures on our website before choosing your region. It is the responsibility of the project to choose the right region as both the Big Lottery Fund and ITV are unable to do this for you. www.peoplesmillion.org.uk

What activities will this programme support? Show Hide answer

We want to fund new projects that will:

  • improve the lives of people in your community, such as increasing the sense of community spirit or helping a particular group of people. For example young children who have nothing to do on an evening or a group of older people who rarely get out of the house and chat to others. Or what about combining the two?

  • get everyone in the community involved.

Any other tips for developing a great project? Show Hide answer

Don’t focus on the things you’ll buy with the money, think about what you’ll do with them and how this will improve people’s lives. For example, if you want to refurbish a local community centre don’t think about the leaking roof and the new equipment. Focus on who will use the community centre when it reopens and the difference it will make to them.

If you’re shortlisted you and your project will be on TV! Some projects aren’t suitable to be on TV; such as if you are working with very vulnerable people where TV exposure isn’t appropriate. We have other programmes that might be better suited to you, have a look at our website www.biglotteryfund.org.uk

As a small local project will we be disadvantaged if we are paired with a larger project? Show Hide answer

This shouldn’t be a disadvantage as all projects get equal airtime on television, and will be seen by General people across the ITV region. The Big Lottery Fund provides media and campaign training to all finalists, and projects should promote their project as widely as possible to gain support. You can’t rely on the TV vote, but mobilise your supporters to vote for you.

Will rural areas miss out on The People’s Millions funding due to the lack of population compared to urban areas? Show Hide answer

No. We will consider a range of factors when drawing up the shortlist of projects including the geographic spread, the rural and urban balance, and the type of activities. We will then look to ensure that, wherever possible, projects that are paired up for the public vote are well balanced and the public is given the opportunity to compare ‘like with like’.

The projects should campaign to capture the public’s imagination and persuade them to vote for their project.

Will you give any support to projects that are shortlisted but are unsuccessful in getting funding? Show Hide answer

We are not able to provide funding for unsuccessful projects. They will have benefited from developing their project, and the regional publicity they receive may put them in a position to access other funding.

How much will it cost to phone for my application pack? Show Hide answer

We recommend that you download the application form at www.peoplesmillions.org.uk , however, should you need a hard copy you can call our advice line on 0845 0 10 11 12. If you have a hearing or speech impairment you can contact us using Text Relay at 18001 plus 0191 376 1776 Calls to 0845 numbers from a residential BT landline may be included in your talk plan but should cost no more than 3p per minute plus the BT call set up fee of 14p. Therefore the minimum cost of a call is 17p. Calls from other networks may vary and calls from mobile networks may be significantly more.