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How can I be sure that the voting will be fair? Show Hide answer

Big Lottery Fund work closely with ITV to try to ensure the vote is run fairly and to try to prevent multiple or fraudulent voting. After the results of the vote have been confirmed with ITV, they are then reviewed (and confirmed) by an independent adjudicator – Electoral Reform Services – and then by our staff, before the Big Lottery Fund Chair makes the final decision in line with the public support expressed through the vote.

The final decision on which project is awarded a grant has always been the responsibility of the Big Lottery Fund and this has been made clear to applicants in application materials. In reaching its decision, the Big Lottery Fund will consider all the information that is available to it including which project has the most public support.

When will the voting lines open for my project? Show Hide answer

Voting lines are open for a project from 9am on the morning of broadcast until midnight.

How much will it cost to phone? Show Hide answer

Mobile and BT landline votes will cost 15p. Other landlines may vary. If calling from a mobile phone call the voice short code and if calling from a landline please call the long number beginning 09.

If you call the landline from your mobile, it will connect you and you will hear the following message:
“We have detected that you are calling from a mobile phone, please re-dial using the advertised short number. If you continue to hold you will still be able to vote, but may be charged considerably more.”

Why are you using a premium rate phone number? Show Hide answer

We have used a premium rate phone number because it means voters will only pay a flat rate of 15p per call from BT landlines and mobiles. Other landlines may vary. Some networks do not allow calls to premium rate numbers unless previously agreed. Any callers experiencing this difficulty can ask their service provider to give them access to premium rate calls

Terms & Conditions at itv.com/terms

Can I text (SMS) vote? Show Hide answer

No. Although the restrictions on SMS voting have been relaxed, it is still possible to be charged for voting even though your vote will not be counted. In view of this Big Lottery Fund and ITV have agreed that SMS voting will not be available for The People’s Millions programme.

Can I vote through Skype? Show Hide answer

No, you are not able to vote for your favourite project by using Skype.

I am a deaf person, how will I be able to vote? Show Hide answer

If you are deaf or hard of hearing then you can vote using textphone. The cost of voting through textphone (Text Relay) will be 15p if using a BT landline. Calls from other networks should be at their standard rate.

Text Relay voters will need to dial 18001 before the number of the project they want to vote for. From a mobile phone Text Relay voters can go to the App Store or Google Play Store and download an app, which will enable them to to vote.

Is there a limit on the number of times I can vote for a project? Show Hide answer

Yes, you can vote up to 10 times for each project. After 9 votes you will receive a message to inform you that your next vote will be your final one. After your tenth vote you receive a message to confirm that it is your final vote.

Can you vote to support our project from anywhere in the UK? Show Hide answer

Voting numbers will be available from 9am on the day the project is up for the vote. The numbers will be available at www.peoplesmillions.org.uk as well as in The Daily Mirror on each day of voting. Numbers will also be shown on the ITV regional early evening news programme on each day of voting.