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UTV NewsOver the past nine years of The People’s Millions competition we have seen some great projects in Northern Ireland. Previous winners include river trails, play parks, a project to provide horticultural training, community gardens and many more.

Check out this year’s shortlisted projects below. On each day of voting, two projects go head-to-head to win the public vote and secure funding. You can see which projects will compete on each day.


'Build a Beach' Project

Project supporters (7)

Profile Image: http://peoplesmillions.org.uk/'Build a Beach' Project

The fund will help us ‘Build a Beach’ within reach located in the heart of Titanic Quarter creating…

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New Ways of Thinking

Project supporters (9)

Profile Image: http://peoplesmillions.org.uk/New Ways of Thinking

CHARIS Integrated Cancer Care works in conjunction with clinical treatments for cancer, and our comfortable…

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The Imagine Arts Centre

Project supporters (1)

Profile Image: http://peoplesmillions.org.uk/The Imagine Arts Centre

Kaleidoscope wants to set up the UK's first dedicated Arts Centre for older people. The centre would…

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Women Wise!

Project supporters (5)

Profile Image: http://peoplesmillions.org.uk/Women Wise!

For a lot of women in the community or living in more isolated areas, access to information about health…

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Bonus Award!
A Sensory Playground

Project supporters (4)

Profile Image: http://peoplesmillions.org.uk/A Sensory Playground

If successful the group will create a sensory play area within the current playground in St. Mary's…

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Stroke Association - The Friendship Network

Project supporters (3)

Profile Image: http://peoplesmillions.org.uk/Stroke Association - The Friendship Network

Too many local people are dealing with the impacts of stroke in Northern Ireland without sufficent access…

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