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Hello Everyone.
Our Project is called EKRT “Prepare for Steam”.
Lots of volunteers have worked very hard for over twenty years to restore our Mining Heritage Railway which is situated nr Dover, adjacent to the main line station of Shepherdswell .
The next step EKRT want to make is to restore our Steam Loco the St Dunstan that spent most of its working life at nearby Snowdown Colliery.
However, before we return steam to our railway, which is at present a “Hidden Jewel” waiting to be discovered, we need to find enough funding to bring our railway to a higher standard to enable us to cope with the extra volunteers and visitors that are expected by returning steam to our Mining Heritage Railway.
That is one reason that I am hoping you will vote for our project but there is another, just as important reason.
One which I am hoping you will all embrace and will not just convince you to vote for us once on the day but as many as the permitted10 times
Calls are set at 15p only (no profit is made on these calls) so that is just £1.50
What can be worth that many phone calls, what can be worth £1.50? Well it would have to be something worthwhile, wouldn’t it? And I can assure you it is.
Over the past two years, East Kent Railway have been running an Apprenticeship Scheme that has seen over 100 local youths receive training at our railway and ALL of them have moved on into employment in the Rail Industry.
Many of these youth’s come from our local communities who in general, have little prospects of meaningful employment in the local area and for many reasons don’t or cannot travel to find work for themselves. They have grown up in the acceptance that since the coal mines closed in the 1980’s, there has been little work around to replace the lost jobs.
Our main objective is to give them real “Railway Environment Training” at our Mining Heritage Railway and for them to move into worthwhile and well paid jobs, with real opportunities for advancement.

We have found that they are far removed from the “labels” that they are often tagged with.
Once on site, they very quickly get the fact that our training scheme is being run for them, for their benefit, not run for profit, not to use them as cheap labour, not for the benefit of others, but run as an opportunity for them to learn a trade, get employment and in some cases, completely change their lives for the better.
With EKR’s and the Rail Industries, zero tolerance on Drug & Alcohol, we have taken some of these youths, off the streets, who were on the wrong track and given them a chance to turn their own lives around. Some have come back to our site and thanked us, not just for helping them get away from their problems right now but through the knowledge that that could receive random D&A tests at work, on any day, they are now on the right track, hopefully for life.
Binge drinking is a thing of past for them, as although the wages very good, the unsocial hours that are associated with this employment is not conducive with heavy drinking, so they are changing their habits and seeing the importance of being part of a community.
Many of these youth have already passed their Level 2, NVQ in Railway Trackside Engineering and are in well paid jobs and are enjoying having a meaningful place in the communities where they live and those communities are now beginning to feel the benefits from having these youth’s living amongst them.
Finding employment for over 100 of these youth has seen approx. £2million being injected into the local community over the last 2 years and you do not need me to tell how great that is and what kind of impact that this is having on their social and economic environment.
Your votes, your £1.50, pledged for our project at EKR, will allow us to continue taking on batches of 12 young local people, or more and give them a chance to turn their lives around.
We are not short of candidates and with the vast amounts of investment, to the tune of £35Billion over the next 5 years in the Rail Industry; we are not short of placements.

Most of the work that we will be able to carry out at EKR, if we win this year’s Peoples Millions, will be undertaken by our Trainees and will help secure their future and the future of those, yet to get the chance.

Now it’s up to you, please vote for our project and help us to help our local youth with Training and Employment?

From our past, we can build a future.

Project messages

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Posted by SueDelling on 24 Nov 2014
This brings so much joy to so many people both visiting and local residents. It will enable them to learn about our coalfields in Kent which have been forgotten.
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Posted by Mark_Ashley on 24 Nov 2014
It would be great to have a steam train running again of the old colliery line.
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Posted by Pippinoodle on 24 Nov 2014
The number to vote from landline is NOT working! .. Have voted from my mobile but worried as I have given this number out to family & friends.. I have e-mailed peoples millions and reported this .. Good Luck on this fantastic project.
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Posted by kerryrubins on 24 Nov 2014
Good luck..you really deserve to win!!everyone get voting!!!
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Posted by MarianScorah on 12 Nov 2014
good luck :)
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Posted by UnaMills on 06 Nov 2014
Wonderful news that this extremely worthwhile project is in the finals of The People's Millions. Good luck to all of the volunteers who work so hard at EKRT.
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Posted by Longem on 03 Nov 2014
Good luck - an excellent project!
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Posted by danni_macey on 03 Nov 2014
Going to be a exciting time for the railway
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Posted by nafunga on 03 Nov 2014
Best Wishes!
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Posted by Diggory on 03 Nov 2014
What a wonderful project! Looking forward to seeing stream trains running through the Kent countryside! Good luck.
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Posted by BenSeager on 03 Nov 2014
A fantastic project that brings benefits to all!
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Posted by Mother on 03 Nov 2014
What a great project! It will be wonderful to see stream trains running on this line. Just imagine the delight for all generations if the existing Santa Specials became Stream trains in a few years time!
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Posted by jeffneale on 03 Nov 2014
Good Luck
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Posted by ron_kempshall on 03 Nov 2014
hope you win funding support
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Posted by matthew_plews on 02 Nov 2014
An opportunity to support an important local asset. This is not just about trains but East Kents history. Helping this project will ensure that necessary infrastructure can be put in place to provide the public with a fully wholesome experience.
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Posted by Mark70 on 02 Nov 2014
A good place for the whole community.
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Posted by Antwerp on 02 Nov 2014
This is East Kent's essential heritage railway/Kent coal field project. It deserves every single penny of funding and practical assistance it can get.Make sure that you and every one you know votes on the 24th November!
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Posted by Viking328 on 02 Nov 2014
This helps so many people in so many different ways
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Posted by Alison72 on 02 Nov 2014
A great opportunity to support a charitable trust enhance this great community site, providing fantastic training opportunities that lead to gainful employment. Now thats got to be worth a vote.
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Posted by CFWadey on 02 Nov 2014
A valuable project providing jobs and skills to young people in Kent's former mining communities. Notably, this project combined the preservation of our heritage with equipping our young people for the future. No more deserving project than this.
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Posted by kerryrubins on 01 Nov 2014
This is a fantastic project and i really hope you can win :-)
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Posted by Bill30 on 01 Nov 2014
I've been a member for years and the dedication to bringing the history of not just trains but ultimately the Kent coal fields can be seen by anyone visiting and this money would make a huge difference to the railway and the local community too.
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Posted by Preservationists on 01 Nov 2014
An improved railway site will greatly enhance visitors' experience of East Kent's mining heritage.
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Posted by sir-roN on 01 Nov 2014
Seems the best project to me
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Posted by dglatham on 01 Nov 2014
The restoration of this steam engine will help to tell the story of the Kent coalfields as it was used at Snowdown colliery to move coal wagons on site. Visitors will be able to travel behind an authentic piece of history.
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Posted by Peterbettley on 01 Nov 2014
Fabulous opportunity to develop a heritage railway in east Kent.
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Posted by denisecox on 01 Nov 2014
Fantastic job done by all. Keep up the good work.
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Posted by Diggory on 29 Oct 2014
What a great project, good luck!
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Call from your landline using the long number, or your mobile phone using the short number. Mobile & BT Landline votes cost 15p. Other networks may vary.

Text Relay users should dial 18001 before the landline number.

No profits are made by ITV or the Big Lottery Fund from your calls. Lines are open from 9am until midnight tonight. Terms & conditions at itv.com/terms

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