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The project will deliver an intergenerational programme working with seniors, younger residents and isolated women. New computer equipment will be purchased to train young adults who are NEET, teenage parents, lone parents and young people in general IT skills. In turn, they will then be able to provide weekly support to older members of the community. Stockwell Matters is part of a wider initiative to provide a hive of cohesion including a women’s coffee mornings, lunch clubs, keep fit and life-long learning opportunities, Portuguese & Ethiopian cultural exchanges and regular local networking events where people can come together and socialise.

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Posted by Kirton1 on 26 Nov 2014
Well done Kemi, YPM and Stockwell Matters! Great news!
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Posted by FWD360 on 24 Nov 2014
Love what YPM charity are doing! This project is so needed in the Stockwell community the effects of which will have a lasting , impactful impressions on the Young , elderly and isolated women involved. VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE : )
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Posted by qwtrtkhlkjhkjgh on 23 Nov 2014
A great and inspiring project working to develop, motivate and positively impact on a younger generation. Keep up the good work guys!!!
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Posted by vanessa_lewis on 20 Nov 2014
It's nice to see a project developed by a younger generation for young people and the older generation; it's bridging the gap and uniting all!!
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Posted by Samuel-Komolafe on 20 Nov 2014
I would like to show my support for Stockwell Matters as they are doing a very good job improving young people's lives and providing valuable help and assistance to them. They deserve to win the award. Thank you Samuel Komolafe
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Posted by edel_harris on 20 Nov 2014
I am supporting this project because I know how much it means to so many young people living in Stockwell (and to my brother!)
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Posted by tracey_fabiyi on 19 Nov 2014
You have my support. I am touched by the great work you are doing in the community and the impact you have had on many young lives. Keep up the good work.
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Posted by Vivdomps on 19 Nov 2014
Stockwell Matters is doing a great job - keep up the good work, looking forward to voting for you!
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Posted by SarahBoo on 18 Nov 2014
wonderful project and amazing staff who support and help change our youths lives and supports the parents. affordable and kids love it there! good luck to Kemi and the team.
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Posted by whoisparadise on 14 Nov 2014
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Posted by leedema on 14 Nov 2014
Huge need for this organisation in Stockwell.
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Posted by portuguesechoco on 13 Nov 2014
Support Stockwell Matters
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Posted by Hayleyrallen on 11 Nov 2014
Good luck
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Posted by Goldie90 on 10 Nov 2014
Please Vote for Young People Matter a project that consistently strives to make a difference.Your Vote Matters,Our young People Matter and our community Matters!!! Thank you for your support.
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Posted by Tracey8 on 10 Nov 2014
Please vote for Young People Matter, they have all the tools to make a difference!!!!!!!!!!! All you need to do is support us by making a call on Monday 24th November, thank you in advance!!!!!!
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Posted by dannike_walters on 10 Nov 2014
An amazing project for a wide range of people in the community! Young people do matter so let's make the change we all want to see! Good Luck YPM!
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Posted by rozina_gebermariam on 07 Nov 2014
Excellent project! Working with Horn of Africa and other local groups to help Stockwell Matters win.
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Posted by chazinola on 07 Nov 2014
The best of luck to YPM, who have provided a consistent, reliable service for the youth as well as parents. YPM is a service I will continuously support as they still continue to prove why "YOUNG PEOPLE MATTER". Please also show your support.
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Posted by kemifo on 06 Nov 2014
Well done YPM, the people of Stockwell need a project like this, so people please vote
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Posted by K_to_the_A on 05 Nov 2014
Young People Matter is an organisation committed to making a difference in the local community, positively influencing, teaching and helping the young to older generations of varying cultures. This project has my vote and continual support.
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Posted by Chi-chi on 05 Nov 2014
A fantastic project! As a local GP, I fully endorse your efforts to ensure that our older members of society and other vulnerable adults are supported and cared for. You have my vote!
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Posted by whoisparadise on 05 Nov 2014
Young People Matter Charity are always making a difference, doing things differently. #STOCKWELLMATTERS
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