Uniting Families with Disabilities

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Creating Adventures; Changing Lives

Isolation, depression and a lack of confidence are regularly experienced by many families in the South West with disabled children. Our ‘Uniting Families with Disabilities’ project enhances family cohesion through adventurous activities; overcoming challenges together and developing a sense of achievement, boosting self-confidence and self-esteem.

The project also brings families from across Cornwall, Devon, Somerset and Dorset together to enjoy activities such as abseiling, sailing and horse riding, with an with an emphasis on team work; forging new friendships and uniting families from a community together to create local support networks whilst enjoying an activity break at Calvert Trust Exmoor.

For many families this has already proven to be a life changing and life enhancing experience, and has helped to challenge social perceptions of disability; At Calvert Trust Exmoor it’s what you CAN do that counts.

The People’s Millions project will also enhance access to our adventurous water activities by building an innovative jetty with a double hoist system. This will make our canoeing, kayaking and sailing activities much more accessible to people with all types of disabilities; for example the improved ease and speed of transfer from a wheel chair to boat will reduce the personal stress and thereby enhance the quality of the overall experience of freedom on the water.

Tony Potter, Calvert Trust Exmoor’s Chief Executive; “There are at least 60,000 children with a disability in the South West. We have a long waiting list of families who want our help; it’s heart-breaking that we can’t help those most in need. Winning The People’s Millions will allow us to help so many families in need; your vote on the 25th can make this happen.”

Calvert Trust Exmoor is asking you to pledge your support now:

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The number to call to register your vote will not be released until the morning of the 25th of November; we will share the number with you as quickly as possible on the day.