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ITV Region: Central West / Year: 2013

Civic Hall, Stratford-upon-Avon, CV37 6HT


The project will develop a programme of workshops, rehearsal and performances aimed at developing children’s singing and musical skills and improving attitudes towards young people with learning and physical disabilities. The programme will involve young people, teachers, carers and parents from special and mainstream schools working together to increase children’s confidence, and it will culminate in various schools participating in the final performances of a musical.

Orchestra of the Swan, a fantastic, vibrant, professional orchestra performing in Birmingham, Bedworth, Shipston, Pershore and Stratford-upon-Avon specialises in working with children and young people with learning and physical disabilities.

Especially written for pupils at Brays and Welcombe Hills Special Schools, ‘Antony and Cleopatra – The Musical!’ is 60 minutes of spectacle and madcap humour, helping children develop self-confidence, new skills and independence through creating a high quality piece of work with professional musicians and singers.

Make a difference to these very special children by voting for ‘Antony and Cleopatra – The Musical!’ on 26th November when we’ll all be on ITV Central telling you more about this wonderful opportunity.

Vote for these children and join us in 2015 for a once in a lifetime performance.

With only two weeks before ‘The People’s Millions’ vote for our Special Schools project: ‘Anthony and Cleopatra – The Musical!’, here are some reflections from Niki Jones, Deputy Head at Welcombe Hills Special School, following our similar project, Space Odessey in 2010.

“Our pupils have complex and significant learning delay; many have autism and a large number have a physical disability.

For many of our young adults, communication and social interaction are significant barriers to learning, but these barriers were overcome by the friendships that developed and the experiences they shared. As their confidence grew, our pupils were able to work increasingly independently and started to put themselves forward to take on key roles in the performance.

The opera experience brought together our local community and opened the hearts and minds of all who went to see the final performance. Now that the opera has run its course, we are left reflecting on the impact it has had on our pupils. They are more confident, they are proud of the part they played in the opera and they have made new friends.

Our special partnership with the Orchestra of the Swan was crucial to the success of this community opera project.

At the outset of the project, some staff felt it might be too ambitious, but the pupils and staff pulled it off. Our pupils will continue to suprise themselves and their families; they will make us all proud once again and they will discover they can achieve their ambitions with a little bit of help and a whole lot of self belief.”

Niki Jones, SEN Magazine, 26 October 2010

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