Bee Spoke Todmorden

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ITV Region: Yorkshire North / Year: 2011

West Yorkshire


The project is to build a bee biotope which is a sensory habitat created to support bees. It will provide fun opportunities for the local community to learn about bees and the importance of bees in our ecosystem. The project will include interactive learning, a sensory planting scheme, guide walks and maps to illustrate connections between bees and food production, biodiversity and habitat sustainability and workshops to make bee homes.
Help us help bees vote Bee Spoke. For more information visit our our website by clicking the link on the right
give bees a chance and flowers
The honey bee has been buzzing around for 30 million years. working together we can try and keep it buzzing for for the next 30 million
A lot of us take the environment around us for granted,
Stop and think, what would towns and villages look and feel like without bees and other pollinators? What would happen to plants and agriculture, would there be habitat for birds and other wildlife? We need to help bees so that we can pass on a healthy vibrant sustainable environment to our grandchildren and our grandchildren’s children.
Bee Spoke will do this in Todmorden and possibly create a model that can be copied in other towns.
Winning will mean we can
Build fabulous bee gardens
Create beautiful bee homes
Purchase hives
Train bee keepers
Design maps
Install interactive learning pods
Create a bee trail along the Incredible Green Route a project by Incredible Edible Todmorden, Todmorden in Bloom, Todmorden Pride, and Todmorden Town Council working together
Pass on the knowledge of bees from each generation to the next
bee knowledge banner
Fill the jars with Todmorden honey, Northern Nectar, we will this and more
The children at Ferney Lee school are buzzing for Bee Spoke Todmorden

These young bees at primary school and our slightly more mature
ladies knitting bees for us at the Age Concern Day Centre show that you are never too young or too old to help make a difference.

Happy bees mean a happier kinder place for all.