Stroud Canals Connections

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ITV Region: West Country East / Year: 2011

Llanthony Warehouse, Gloucester Docks, GL1 2EH
The project is in Stroud, Gloucestershire and takes in the stretch of the Stroudwater and Thames & Severn Canals that is currently being restored.


The project will create a canal side footpath connecting the town and the surrounding national and regional paths. The route will be signposted by traditional mile markers and podcast recordings made by the community that capture the spirit of the district through stories about its past and their vision for its future.

Local volunteers will help clear and surface the towpath, others will learn how to recreate the traditional markers and will create the podcast recordings. Participants will be drawn from across the community, from existing groups that assist the long term unemployed and probationers, through to Stroud in Bloom, the Cotswold Canals Trust, local schools, and with a special emphasis on people who haven’t volunteered before.

The grant will provide for:

• Volunteer training (Guided walks, stone shaping, podcast training, use of tools)
• Materials for towpath improvements
• Podcast recordings
• Podcast creation and associated webpage
• Materials for milemarkers
• Signposts
• Design and limited print run of web enabled maps
• Launch event
• Installation of milestones & signposts

The project should start in late July early August and will be complete by July 2012