A Community Park for North Deal

Peoples Millions

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ITV Region: Meridian East / Year: 2011

18a Harold Road, Deal, Kent

Website: http://www.northdealcommunity.co.uk

Fitter, Healthier, Happier – that’s what we want to be! At present, for over four thousand people in our neighbourhood there is only one public space – a flat and ugly unused playing field. We want to create a new play area for 8-13s, but more than that, we want to add trees and landscaping.

We need a proper path, so that parents with buggies and people with disability scooters or wheelchairs can get out in the fresh air, and finally, a dog exercise area, to help our dog walkers keep their dogs fit and happy too (and to encourage them to stay around the edges of the field). You can Google CT14 6RX to see the field itself.

Vote for us and the Jubilee People’s Millions will help our community group turn this unloved place into a real Community Park.
See our blog at www.northdealcommunity.blogspot.com to find out more about our Jubilee Peoples Millions Journey