Kosy Komfy Kidz

Peoples Millions

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ITV Region: Border / Year: 2011

Main Street, Burton-in-Kendal, Cumbria

Website: http://www.burtonweb.org.uk/viewpage.php?page_id=7

The Kosy Komfy Kidz project at Burton Memorial Hall (a registered charity) will build a new junior toilet & washbasin area for our small users who just can’t reach the adult ones! This helps them to learn independence and keeps them safe as currently they have to share adult toilets with other hall users.

Behind the Hall there is an area of cracked concrete currently used as a play area for our Pre-School group and we want to replace that concrete with a brightly coloured safe play area for the little ones. New security gates will replace the existing heavy old lift-in-and-out wooden ones to keep the kids safe whilst at play.

A reliable and controllable new heating and lighting system will make the Hall a warmer safer brighter environment for all our users of all ages. Currently our users (age range birth to their 90’s!) end up having to wear their coats in winter when attending group activities such as art or pre-school or coffee mornings or drama productions as our heating fails when it is cold. The boiler is so old no-one can remember when it was installed, and of course it costs a fortune to run too! A new one will keep the costs down and keep everyone warm.

Controllable overhead lighting will help our table tennis teams, who need very bright lights, see what they are doing whilst allowing lower light levels for other users, stage lighting will let the audience see what drama and music groups are doing on the stage, and side lights will mean no more harsh fluorescents at social events such as parties and fund-raising events (concerts, fashion shows, plays, etc.)

The Hall was built in 1956 and is in need of a lot of work in bringing it up to current standards and making it safe for everyone to enjoy activities in. Over 50 different groups use the Hall and we’re asking for your support in helping us do the first phase of this work so that the Hall will serve our community for the next 50+ years!