Atherington Pavilion Project

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ITV Region: West Country West / Year: 2010

EX37 9HY


Over the past 5 years, using a volunteer local labour force, we have made a number of significant improvements to Atherington Children’s Playing Field.

Due to the extra sports and leisure facilities now on offer, we are building a new pavilion and will have finished the infrastructure by the end of November. The Atherington Pavilion Project is to equip, furnish and decorate this building and will include:

providing toilets and a refurbished kitchen area; a modest sized meeting room with central heating; tables, chairs and indoor sports equipment.

The community has always wholeheartedly supported the various fundraising events that are held during the year, for example the annual bonfire night; travelling theatre company and village fête. However, due to the lack of a suitably sized covered area, various vulnerable groups are disadvantaged: in bad weather elderly people have to sit in cars parked on the field and there is nowhere for parents with very young children to go for shelter.

A new furnished pavilion will create a warm, pleasant area and meeting place for everyone, and facilities which will encourage local team sports and various village events. This project will also provide an easily accessible club-room where young and old can meet to play short mat bowls, table-tennis etc., thus avoiding the 20 mile round trip to the nearest town to find similar facilities .

For many people living alone, particularly the elderly and those without transport, life can become quite lonely in rural areas – especially in the winter months. The pavilion will be a meeting place where they can participate in indoor games, shelter from the weather or just enjoy a welcome cup of tea with friends.

When the Pavilion Project is completed we will have achieved our ultimate goal of putting the heart back into Atherington .