Historic Ship Balmoral-Lounge Renovation

Peoples Millions

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ITV Region: West Country East / Year: 2010

Waverley Excursions Ltd
36 Lancefield Quay
G3 8HA

The project would refurbish the lounge on an historic motor vessel, the Balmoral, which is used for cruises around the Bristol Channel. These renovations would become part of a wider regeneration project that aims to maintain the heritage appeal of the 1949 ship, and keep it in operating condition for use by members of the public.

Balmoral is the last passenger ship of this type to still offer day, afternoon and evening cruises in the Bristol Channel. Registered and berthed in Bristol she is a living reminder of the great maritime tradition of this City. The Charity which runs the ship has not been able to raise sufficient funds from her summer operations to cover major projects, so we are very pleased to have been shortlisted by ITV Peoples Millions to present our latest project to refurbish part of this fine ship. The Britannia Lounge and Bar is the next stage of this ongoing project and if we are successful with this bid we will be able to carry out this task with the help of our team of skilled and dedicated volunteers in Bristol. With your vote for us on the 24th November we will is transform the Lounge in keeping with its 1949 origins for the improved comfort of the many people who will enjoy the beauty of our rivers and coastline next summer and in the seasons to come.