Broadwaters Harmony Garden

Peoples Millions

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ITV Region: London / Year: 2010

Boadwater Farm Community Centre,
1 Adams Road,
N17 6HE

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This Broadwaters Harmony Gardens project proposes to work with teams of local people, children and schools to create new and productive community gardens, with local fruit and veg. growing, ascented leisure garden – and with some provision for native butterflies, birds and bees – and a Children’sOrganic Nature Garden – all in the unused grounds of Broadwater Farm Community Centre in Tottenham.
If we win this money we can really start to transform this area – give control over their environment to local communities – and start to transform people’s lives. This will be the first major project in the regeneration of this deprived area that people can get actively involved in and the Harmony Gardens can also be made to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the Broadwater Farm riots.